Thailand – Czech days 2007

BangkokBangkok and Phuket, exhibitions organized by Embassy of the Czech Republic in Thailand.

October – November 2007

25.-31. of October 2007, hotel Dusit Thani Bangkok
Opening on 25th of October 2007 at 6 p.m., Czech day event and celebration of Czech Republic national holiday.

Selection from collection of „Black&color Prague“ contains 19 pictures including seven panorama

s-5D7000.JPG s-5D7003.JPG s-5D7012.JPG s-5D7024.JPG

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Czech Press Photo 2007

Slapstick Slapstick

Old Town Hall, Prague
16.11.2007–31.1.2008, daily 9–18

Pictures from category „General News“
selected in exhibition collection of Czech Press Photo 2007:

Collection of pictures which was put in Czech Press Photo 2007 competition in following categories:
Spot News, series: Celebration of Pablo Heisingovi
General News, series: Clowndoctors – Slapstick spring 2007
Daily Life 1, series: Egypt, beach bazaar – Buy from me!
Daily Life 2, series: Republic of South Africa
Portrait: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Photography for Leontinka

Pink vulcano hills Lava prints Exhibitions concluded by 2. auction of photography for Leontinka. Payoff from auction is dedicated for projects of Foundation Leontinka for visual handicapped kids.

We donated 2 pictures in auction:

. Předaukční výstava
Pre-auction exhibition 15.11.-20.11.2007, showroom Eurolux, BP Avenir, Radlická 714/113, Prague 5.

Exhibition 21.11.-23.11.2007 Galerie Louvre, Národní třída 22, Prague 1.
Opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 21.11.2007 at 7 p.m.
Auction on Friday 23.11.2007 at 7 p.m.

You can download Auction katalogue or invitation for exhibition.

Home Cinema Praha 2007, hotel Diplomat

18. – 20.10.2007, hotel Diplomat Prague

18th of October 2007 on invitation only – day for professionals and businessmans. During this day you can meet personally with Peter Zurek, author of exhibited pictures.

In showrooms of exhibitors will be installed selection of Big Original collection – 14 pictures totally including six vertical and three horizontal panorama formats.

s-5D6373.JPG s-5D6374.JPG

18th – 25th of August 2007 – Chopin Festival Mariánské Lázně

Painting in camera

Installation is running in open space inspirational the pseudo-Baroque cast-iron City Collonade in Marianske Lazne. Exhibition is an official acompanying program of 48th annual Chopin Festival, where auspices took president of Karlovy Vary region JUDr. Josef Pavel.

Exhibition contains 74 pictures including 20 panorama from collections:
dancing Paris, pink vulcano hills, Burma, portraits, Egypt, Maledives, Sri Lanka, South Africa and collection of „black & color Prague“.

Pictures from exhibition you can see in our gallery.

Download exhibition catalogue, invitation for the exhibition or exhibition poster.

s-5D5575.JPG s-5D5609.JPG s-5D5668.JPG s-5D5678.JPG

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1st – 28th of July 2007 – during 42nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Painting in camera

First-run new digital pictures from collections: South Africa, San Francisco, London, Egypt, Paris and collection of “black & color Prague”.

Galerie Na Ochozu in Vřídelní kolonáda, Karlovy Vary. Open daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Mr. JUDr. Josef Pavel, the president of the Karlovy Vary region, took auspices of the exhibition.

Download exhibition calalogue, invitation for opening or exhibition poster in PDF format.

More information you can find in accompanying program.

s-5D5046.JPG s-5D5057.JPG s-5D5112.JPG s-5D5133.JPG

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23rd of April – 31st of May 2007 – 20th festival of Czech films Finale Pilsen

Painting in camera

New pictures from collections: South Africa, San Francisco, Paris and „Black & Color Prague“.
Installation in foyer of BCB centrum Pilsen, open non-stop.

Download invitation for opening.
More information you can find on festival pages in accompanying program.

You can download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-5D3022.JPG s-5D3023.JPG s-5D3025.JPG s-5D3036.JPG

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3rd – 6th of May 2007 – 13th International Book Fair – BookWorld Prague

Painting in camera

First-run new digital pictures from collections:
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Paris & collection of „black & Prague“, Hawaii.

Right wing of Industrial Palace, multimedia theatre. More info you can find in fair program (page 1, right wing).

You can download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-5D3071.JPG s-5D3073.JPG s-5D3076.JPG s-5D3082.JPG

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8nd – 29th of March 2007 – Galerie Kafirna/Galerie pod Radnici, Bartosova ul., Zlin

Opening exhibition, Thursday 8nd of March 2007 at 17:00.

Download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-5D2696.JPG s-5D2714.JPG s-5D2715.JPG s-5D2717.JPG

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16th of February – 31st of March 2007 – 27. Smetanovske dny Plzen

Selection of exotic collection and collection of „Black & Color Prague“.

Download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-p2270001.jpg s-p2270090.jpg s-p2270094.jpg s-p2270095.jpg

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23rd – 24th of November 2006 – Janet, Prague 3, Konevova 141

Exhibition Digital world, selection from Big Original collection.

s-2A7887.JPG s-2A7889.JPG s-2A7890.JPG s-2A7892.JPG

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23rd of November 2006 – Galerie Mala Sarka, Praha 6 – Nebusice

One day Christmas exhibition, pictures mainly from Prague's collec­tion.

Download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-2A7847a.JPG s-2A7848.JPG s-2A7850.JPG s-2A7854.JPG

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20thof October – 22ndof October 2006  – Home Cinema Praha 2006, hotel Diplomat

Selling exhibition “digital large format pictures”, which suited well with installation of HD large size plasma or LCD high resolution TV. Exhibition was a part of Home Cinema Praha 2006, which took place from 20th to 22nd of October in hotel Diplomat at Prague. First time we introduced pictures from „black & color“ collection of Prague. You can read interview with author. Big Original was official partner of the exhibition.

Download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-2A7820.JPG s-2A7821.JPG s-2A7823.JPG s-2A7825.JPG

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10thof May – 30thof May 2006 – Vinný újezd, Újezd 19, 118 00 Praha 1

Download exhibition catalogue in PDF.

s-2A6074.jpg s-2A6087.jpg s-2A6101.jpg s-2A6104.jpg

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